Ski Adventure Essentials

Before I share my next adventure with you I wanted to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on my last post. I was very nervous sharing such a personal part of my life while so many political issues are making it difficult for others to share a similar experience. The number of positive and kind comments were incredible to read and I am so touched by each one =o) So many of you restored my faith in the world, thank you.  

Now, for where my next adventure is taking me ---- Breckenridge, Colorado! In just a few days I will be skiing black diamonds in the Rocky Mountains. I can hardly wait to wake up to the fresh mountain air and hitting the slopes first thing in the morning. I have been to Breckenridge a few times as a kid and am excited to go back and see how the town looks now. While beginning to pack this weekend (I always pack almost a week before any trip) I wanted to share with you a few of my essentials I am bringing with. These flat lays were taken with my Olympus Pen E-PL 8 which was a blast to play around with and I have been learning all of the effects and functions. My new camera came just in time for this trip as an early birthday present. I will be celebrating the big 25 while I am up in the mountains and that means when I return I will be a quarter of a century. Yikes!! 


Celebrating 20 years in America

“For me, being raised in a free American made all the difference” - Madeleine Albright (Czech born, raised American who became the first woman US Secretary of State)

Twenty years ago last month, I immigrated to the United States of America. As I look back and reflect on the last twenty years, I realize the sacrifices my mom made to bring me here. I am forever grateful that she did because I wouldn’t have the education or career I have now, two things that I cherish greatly. My hope was to have this post up in early January but with my studies and catching a nasty stomach virus I wasn’t able to post in time. After the recent political events, I still want to share and celebrate my immigration and keep this post as positive and uplifting as possible.

Growing up I was mainly raised in America but continuously went back to the Czech Republic throughout my childhood. I am a third culture kid (n. a child raised in a culture that is different of their parent’s culture for a significant part of their lives). Both cultures heavily influenced my upbringing and have shaped me into the person I am today. The opportunities and education I am lucky to have been offered, have lead me down the path of pursuing a degree in Architecture. A field of work that I am passionate about and love.

I have moments where I ask myself, what if I had never immigrated to the US? Would I still have wanted to become an architect? By having two countries to call home and two citizenships, I was able to constantly be traveling. My desire to become an architect grew from the travels with my family. Would I still be able to speak English this well? Sometimes I am surprised at myself for knowing and understanding so much in a second language. I will never have answers to these questions unless a time traveling device is invented and I can go back in time. What I do know is that I have my mom to thank for taking me on the biggest adventure.

x the Adventurer

ps. please keep comments clean and positive =o)


2017 Adventures

Happy New Year Adventurers! I know it’s almost halfway through January but I finally had a moment to sit down and reflect on the past year and think about what I want to achieve this year. A year ago I posted a list of adventures I hoped to go on in 2016. Did I go on all of them? No, but I did check off three of them =o)

I visited a southeastern state – Miami, Florida. I spent one weekend in May lounging on the beach, soaking up as much sun as possible and taking in the lively atmosphere. Miami is definitely a place I plan on visiting more often. (Read Miami I and Miami II.) 

I learned how to make my own chocolate!! I felt so proud of myself for getting the recipe and process right the first time. It was a delicious piece of chocolate and tasted even better knowing I made it myself. (read post here)

Visit a new country was on my list and well I didn’t make it to a new country but there were a few places I visited in the US for the first time: Wisconsin for skiing, Traverse City in Upper Michigan and a new city in Canada: Toronto.

I am proud to share that I have furthered my yoga practice. At the beginning of last year I struggled to keep my balance in several poses and was not very flexible. After completing Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day challenge on her youtube channel in January I continued to build confidence in practicing poses and flows. Right now I am working on the splits which I struggled with at first but am getting closer to the ground each time I practice. Also, I am building my overall strength so I can get into a handstand smoothly. In October I attended a workshop held by Candace from Yoga with Candace and had her sign my copy of Namaslay. It was great to have Candace help out with some postures I was working on. R and I have been taking a stab at acroyoga but hope to have more time this year to do it together =o)

Sadly I did not make it to a Euro Cup game. Due to the timing of our trip and cost of the ticket (over $300 for below average seats at a game where we didn’t know who would be playing). I did however get to watch a majority of the games live on TV while we were traveling through Europe.

Our European adventure to Amsterdam, (part I and part II) London (part I  and part II) and Prague (part I and part II) was one for the books. R and I rode bikes around Amsterdam, toured the sites of London and hung out with my family and friends in Prague to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.  

I took a last minute trip to St Lucia to visit my mom in the fall. It was a perfect way to rejuvenate and enjoy paradise.

I will begin taking my ARE (Architectural Registration Exam) exams so I can become a licensed architect and my first exam is in a couple of weeks. This year I hope to pass at least three of the six exams, fingers crossed!  With the amount of studying I have coming up, my blog will have to take a back seat for a while but I hope to post as often as I can =o)

As always I hope to travel to as many places as possible. We do have one trip we are currently planning: a ski trip to Breckenridge for my birthday in March. I can’t wait to be on the slopes skiing and taking in the beauty of the rocky mountains.

Looking back the year did have challenges but the good outweighed the bad in so many ways. I am looking forward to what 2017 has in store and what adventures await. 

What adventures do you want to go on in 2017?

X the Adventurer


48 Hours in Toronto


One of the benefits of living in Chicago is that a majority of places are a short flight away. New York City is only an hour and a half, Miami is a little under three, Denver is two hours away and you can even leave the country on a one hour flight (that’s shorter than my commute to work!). Compared to the distances in Europe for example, these flights seem long but being able to travel such distances across North America in little time is convenient. This was why when we were choosing a destination for our anniversary, R and I chose Toronto, Canada. As international as we could get for a weekend getaway. Instead of buying each other gifts this year we decided to put the money towards a trip. Most tropical locations have their rainy season this time of the year and the thought of being stuck on a rainy island our whole trip didn’t sound appealing. Toronto won and ended up being an exceptionally fun city to explore – for 48 hours.


Prague Photo Diary - Part II

(View of Prague Castle from Petřín Hill)
Sunny days and warm evenings are long gone but not the memories of my trip to Prague this summer. As mentioned in my previous post from a few weeks ago, I was in Prague over the summer visiting family and attending my cousin’s wedding. During our visit we stayed downtown in the city center and were able to walk to all of the main historical sites. One day I took R around Old Town and Wenceslas Square, you can read and see the photos from that day here


Winter Adventure Essentials

Fall is long gone in Chicago and the cold winter days are here so stay. This weekend I am headed off to an even colder place – Toronto, Canada which I’m very excited about. I have only been to Vancouver for a few hours and then spent a week in Whistler so it will be fun exploring a city in a different part of Canada. To brace the cold I’ve put together some of the essentials I will be bringing with me to Toronto.