A coffee drinking, adventure seeking, food loving Czech yogi raised in the US. I currently live in the beautiful city of Chicago where I recently graduated from Architecture school. I first started this blog during my semester abroad in Paris in 2013 and relaunched it in 2015 as a new place for my adventures. 

Having grown up traveling between my two countries I have grown a passion for adventure, studying architecture, trying new foods and especially exploring new cultures. My mom would write about our travels and has even published three books in Czech about the many places we have visited. She inspired me to document my travels with photos and writing and I hope to share my adventures with you through this blog. 

x the Adventurer

Note: All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted

Guest Posts:

My post about Korea IV - Catching a Bus to North Korea has been feautred as a guest posted on Ladyredot.com
You can read it here

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  1. I just love browsing through your photos - my favorite post so far is the one about a vineyard in Monmartre. Good luck!



Thank you commenting and reading about my adventures! I really appreciate it and love reading all of your comments =o)

x the Adventurer