It's almost Christmas!

Christmas is just a week away and I can’t wait to celebrate my favorite holiday. Growing up I was fortunate to celebrate Christmas for two days in two different ways. In Czech celebrations begin Christmas Eve, usually in the morning I would help my mom with begin cooking the food for dinner while watching Popelka (Cinderella). A Czech tradition we would do is to slice an apple in half and if you found the seeds of the apple arranged as a star you will have good luck. The star represents light, light for life. The one tradition I could never do was to not eat all day so you see a golden pig in the evening. There were always too many edible temptations around the kitchen that I never made it past noon.

In the evening we would sit down for Christmas dinner while Karel Gott sang Tichá Noc in the background. After dinner my sister and I would run up to our rooms and wait for Ježíšek (flying Jesus) to come and leave our presents under the tree. Because we also had American Santa Claus coming overnight to leave us presents for the morning Ježíšek only left a few presents under the tree. We played with our first gifts until we had to go to bed to get sleep because my sister would be up at the crack of dawn ready to open presents the next morning.

There is no other feeling in the world than waking up Christmas morning and going downstairs and having your breath taken away for a moment when you see all of the presents laying under the Christmas tree. The rest of the day would be spent lounging around and playing with our new gifts or going to visit family friends. Not every Christmas was the same, sometimes we were in Czech or Colorado visiting family, other times we were skiing or stuck at Heathrow Airport in London. But whether there were palm trees around us or snow on the ground it still felt like Christmas time. This year I will be on a tropical adventure with my boyfriend in St Lucia.

However you are celebrating this year, I wish you a happy and merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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