Daily Adventure Essentials

Here are some of my daily adventure essentials:
  1. Although I can never keep a plant alive, I love having plants in my apartment. Last week I went out and bought this little one and it even has magnets on the side of the pot so it sticks to my fridge. Any flower or plant can brighten up a room, so I always have a fresh bouquet of flowers on my dining table and small plants by the window.
  2. Being punctual is important, especially during the first few years at a new job. I wear a watch every day and my favorite is this fossil watch I bought for myself as a graduation gift. I love the chain band and the rose gold look.
  3. This plaque sits on my nightstand and was a gift from my sister a few years ago. I still look at it every morning for inspiration and to get out of bed during rough Monday mornings.
  4. Always keeping my lips nice and shiny with this Nivea chapstick. With the dry winter weather now in Chicago I put it on multiple times a day and never go without it.
  5.  I love being outdoors so I always try to protect my skin especially my face. I use this moisturizer daily because it is SPF 30 and makes my skin glow.
  6. My Kate Spade planner keeps me organized and on top of things. I also keep all of my important addresses and notes in there. I love the cover art and how small it is so I can take it in my purse with me.
  7. I always try to accessorize my outfits, and this necklace is one of my favorite. I bought it last summer for my cousins wedding and still add it to my daily wardrobe. It’s from Aldo Accessories.
  8. Scarves are one of my favorite things to wear, especially since moving to Chicago. This is my Ralph Lauren scarf I bought last summer and I wear year round.  It adds color to my outfits especially when I wear dark colors in the winter.
  9. Every evening I light candles around my apartment to create a calm and peaceful space and so my apartment will smell amazing. Just lighting a candle and watching the flame glow and flicker relaxes me. This one is a Yankee Candle called Sunlight on Snow. I try to match the candle scent with the current season or weather so I also have a salted caramel scented candle from Vesta candles. 
x the Adventurer 

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